About Crazy Wings and Reviews

At Crazy Wings, it’s our mission to show you just how delicious chicken wings can be.

Forget buffalo wings – at our restaurant on Russell Street in the CBD, we’re serving up skewered chicken wings with influences from all over the world. Our sauces play a huge role, with flavours like honey, spicy hot, honey spicy and sweet chilly taking their place among our guests’ favourites. Our menu also caters to the vegetarian crowd, so don’t hesitate to bring along your favourite herbivore to our restaurant. We have two locations in Melbourne – you’ll find this one in the heart of the CBD and the other in Glen Waverley. Come by and see us, we look forward to serving you!



Sheenal S.

Crazy wing was referred to me by two colleagues who said that it served the hottest chicken wings (or the hottest food) they had ever ever had! One of them described it as needing a glass of milk to go along with the wings, the other said he had to run to the nearest quickie mart to buy a bottle of BIG M. Following on from these conversations, I was told "Why would you want to do this to yourself", "I couldn't taste anything for half a day", "My sinuses were flowing", and "Just don't". Always up for a chilli challenge, we ventured down here at a Friday lunchtime. We entered a very yellow Chinese joint with bulb-lit photos of chicken wings and a photo of someone who had 20 (there is a youtube video dedicated to this legend). We got  a menu and no explanation was provided. We quickly chose the "SPICY" chicken wings, the honey chicken wings, the ginger and pepper wings, and some other wings. A stainless steel tray was put in front of us and we were provided four tiny plates. Then came the skewers. The spicy chicken wings were dotted with some red chilli powder. And we all dug into it with our fingers. For a few moments, we felt the burn in our mouth, which then radiated into our ears, the restaurant felt like it was spinning and two of us got the shakes. The spiciness in my mouth quickly dissipated but the heart and stomach burn I am still experiencing almost 9 hours from my first bite. My colleague said that he definitely felt like he had burnt a hole in his stomach. The chicken wings are really skewers. I did enjoy the honey chicken wings. They were sweet and spicy and my favourite. The rest just tasted like chicken wings with spice. The chicken quality is good and tender. The vegetarian options - i.e. stir fried leek with their famous red pepper powder, the mushrooms encased in tofu skewers or the coriander encased in some fried batter skewers were A-ok. There is a surcharge if you pay by card. Don't think I need to go back for so much suffering and though I don't like fried chicken or chicken wings, these ones I did enjoy! :)


Katherine A.

Love their chicken wings here. Great find and cheap eats  Stick with their wings, any flavor is good. I also ordered their grilled enoki mushroom and grilled squid, I don't recommend them. Bland and tasteless. Squid was on the rubbery side. Service was okay. Then again, I think this place is tailored to students so don't expect great service.


Clarissa Y.

Today, I found out that one of my best friends is actually murderous and wants to kill me in secret. She suggested that I tried the Crazy Wings (spiciest flavour) from this establishment. Why did I agree to this? I have no idea...Ambiance: This is a pretty cramped and tiny restaurant with minimal tables for large groups (minimal tables in general come to think of it).Customer Service: Not horrible, but they aren't friendly or anything like that. Crazy Wings is really incredibly spicy, and I find it hilarious that while their customers are panting and crying, these employees are just walking around with poker faces. No fucks given. What heroes.Food: They actually have pretty good food aside from their novelty spicy Crazy Wings. I've tried their Honey Wings as well as their Garlic Wings, both really great and cheap as well. But to the Crazy Wings... this is what this establishment is pretty much known for - people come from all over Melbourne to try these wings out and when I say they're spicy, I'm not exaggerating.---Come here if you want to impress your date with how brave you are. And a videocamera to film your suffering friends.


Alexander Y.

The Crazy Wings flavor is really spicy (the best winglets in town!), the other flavors are rather mild, but still quite delicious. Love the different buy-1-get-1-free deals on different days of the week. Love to catch up with friends here and gorge on the winglets.Please note this is a Chinese restaurant with an authentic level of service, ie minimal, and that's because you only paid for the food not service. So don't expect any service and you won't be disappointed.


Hails J.

Whenever my spice loving friends come to visit interstate I take them here. It burns. It hurts. Yet I always return.Food is cheap, staff and nice and casual.My advice for doing crazy wing challenge - if you want to taste your other food I suggest leaving the crazy wings until last for consumption. Have alot of napkins, beer, cucumber salad and someone to film.


Tam T.

Hottest wings in town! The slower you go on the crazy wings the tougher the challenge is for you. Did I also mention that it offers 2 for 1 specials everyday on selected wings.


Kin F.

You should head to the back and up the stairs there you will  find  a all you can eat BBQ but it's only open  on Friday  Saturday and Sunday night  it's really good


Daniel H.

Great spicy wings, great prices. Don't expect fancy or ultra clean.  The BBQ mushrooms were notably good. If your a chilli fan, the Crazy Wing lives up to its name.  Overall, it was satisfyingly spicy, but fairly greasy and salty overall.  But when were wings ever considered to be health food?


Arthur L.

I would say that things here are a hit or miss. Go with your guts, but sometimes despite being separate items on the menu, they taste the same - too salty. As for their signature Crazy Wings, I wouldn't recommend it, unless you're the adventurous kind.


Henry L.

Like the others have said, service is hilariously non-existent. Waitress was on iPhone half the time. Food was good tasting nice and juicy skewers think Chinese izakaya. Fried rice was decent and has bite to it.


Simon R.

Went and my partner and I had severe stomach problems for the next 2 days.


Sumo S.

The shit service was the first indication to me that I had found a good Chinese restaurant. The massive pile of skewers and fire in my belly and anus that followed have since cemented this place as a Melbourne icon for me. Excellent choice for lunch or dinner, but remember you really do need to order a lot as there are only two wings per skewer. Also remember to bring some wet wipes because it gets messy.

About Crazy Wings and Reviews
About Crazy Wings and Reviews