Barbecue - The book.

W he beamed six sexy firefighters into her living room with the help of a small pink ball grill in the twinkling of an eye, in the last barbecue season I have explained quite clearly. So you're actually well prepared for all the surprising things that can happen there.

If someone likes it a little less adventurous and wants to prove his skills as a Grilleuse with various delicacies from the rust - I'm there What: The new release Grillen - Das Buch makes you fit for the upcoming warm season.

I'm more of the classic grill type: as soon as the coal shows a little piece of gray, comes the food on it. So sausages and the beloved neck chop always land a touch too early over the glowing splendor. I know. But I can not help it. But I always joke a bit jealous of the Grillnerds and their Webers, Green Eggs and Smoker this world. Indirectly grilled, juicy roast beef for hours ... WOW! When I grow up, I do that too. And at least I already know how to do that.

In Barbecues - The Book * are not just over 100 very good-looking recipes for meat, fish, Vegetables, sweets, side dishes, dips delicious presented. There are also compact and easy-to-understand instructions on the various cooking methods, fuel materials and arrangements of coals or briquettes. This is easy to understand and implement for interested beginners. All you need is a slightly larger and functional grill. The € 9.99 model of the tank is actually meant for the short-term barbecue binge.

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The remarks about the right medium-heavy appliance are accompanied by a small product information on beef, pork and poultry. So that the butcher of trust no longer helplessly points to any things "(Uh ... this, please"), the various parts suitable for grilling are explained with illustrations.

 Barbecue - The Book

And then it starts with the recipes: on 200 pages, very delicious illustrated and with clear instructions. Important to know: Many of the recipes are for longer and indirectly grilled dishes, but of course you also find something for "on the fly".

Grilling - The Book |

Friends of marinades, rubs, dips, vegetarian recipes and side dishes are of course also at their expense. The back chapters are dedicated to these topics.

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Even if vegetarians find very tasty recipes for themselves, the book is especially for fans of meat BBQ very exciting. But when grilling pineapple skewers with mint icing for dessert, all hearts will certainly faint. Or how about those delicious, stuffed eggplants? Miam!

Barbecue - The

If your want to experience delicious recipes from the book in action, then have a look at my buddy Jens.