Forget coffee. Broth is the new hot stuff in New York. With recipe.

D he man bleaches by one to three shades and turns around with a jerk. "Toasted Bones ???? In ERNST ??? "He looks from one second to the other very unhappy. But our conversation had started so well. I just visited him in his study and lounging comfortably on the sofa with a nice cup of coffee in hand. "What is it that smells so great here?", The man wanted to know at some point and sniffed delightfully.

And now he looks at me and ponders, if I just want to scare him. But I do not want to. Because in the oven bones are roasting right now. And indeed, it does not smell anything but unappetizing.

"It's only good and right to use more of an animal than just steak and filet - if you already eat it," I promote the stone of offense in my oven. "Actually ?!", the man leaves no doubt with his interjection that he now and immediately wants to paint a poster and demonstrate for his unqualified right: steaks only!

And I can even understand him quite well , As long as I carried the parts home in a neutral plastic bag from the butcher, I was also very brave and confident. But after unpacking I was a bit flighty in the heart: Big bones are a bit crazy original and direct. They remind so intensely - please do not laugh now - the animal. You do not have that sort of thing so often when you're an average, grown-up city dweller with a profound supermarket experience. But I'm determined to face the matter.

"What are you planning to do with the bones?" The man is interested. "Boil in water," I say. "Ahhh ... New York?" The man asks. "Exactly," I say. "Broth?" He wants to know. "Exactly," I confirm. "Real Broth".

No one in New York is bothering about coffee tüdelü like Double-Choc-Decaf-Semi-Skin-Caramel-Machiato or Ramen-Burger. The new hot shit from the center of the global trendsetting is called: Broth. And they all want it, the homemade broth.

The hottest New York store is simply called Brodo and its tiny little window on the corner of 1st Avenue/12th Street is stuck. Here are offered every day three different homemade (organic) broths and a vegetarian soup. Hissing $ 4.50 and $ 8.50, the New York "broth-er" pays for his mug of broth to go. Some even get their daily ration off in the thermos.

But what's so hot about a mug of broth? And why are all suddenly no longer on the morning vegan green smoothie but want broth from the animal? Actually, everything is as usual: broth can be what other foods can not.

The broth, which has been boiled for hours, dissolves ingredients from the bones, which should have many positive health effects.Collagen from the inside, on the other hand, works right at the source, many people think.

But above all, the real broth offers one thing: real taste. After enjoying Broth, a great sense of well-being sets in. Soul food from the cup just - and not to compare with salty Pülverchen from the glass full of flavors and flavor enhancers. And also not to compare with expensive, also flavored funds from the glass.

Weight loss even report about extremely positive effects of Broth: food cravings almost no longer occur. And the afternoon Jeeper will overwhelm after a Snickers big - a cup of satisfying Broth on it and - ZACK! - everything's OK again. Certainly, the boom of the Paleo diet has also contributed its part to making broth with animal amazingly sociable.

Incidentally, the good (especially French) cuisine has always relied on the homemade broth. No good food without good broth is the simple formula. With Arthur's daughter, you can also enjoy reading a lot about making broth.

Well, I'm cooking broth now as well. The list of ingredients is more than manageable. And actually everything is so simple and so delicious that it makes you wonder why you have not always done that. Real.

Homemade Broth Broth |

Here comes the recipe for about 4 quarts of delicious homemade broth or broth

1 kg of mixed bones (butcher's, meat and marrow bones) from the butcher's Put confidence in a bowl and pour boiling water over it. After 10 seconds, drain the water.

1 bunch of greens (carrots, celery, the white of the leek) and 3 onions clean and cut into chunks

Place the bones and vegetables in an ovenproof dish and roast in the oven at 200 ° C for 45 minutes . By roasting the broth later gets a nice color and taste. Remove from the oven and allow to cool.

Place the bones and vegetables in a large saucepan and pour 4-5 liters of cold water . Add the Green of the leek and 3 bay leaves and bring to the boil. If you appreciate an extra kick of umami flavor, throw 1-2 dried tomatoes or a few dried mushrooms into the pot. Salts should be added later. If foam is formed, lift it off with a (foam) spoon and discard.

Cook the stock on a low flame for at least 2 hours . The longer, the better - who takes 4 hours to be rewarded with stunning results. But the preparation in the pressure cooker works great (see tip below).

After cooking a fine sieve with a cheesecloth (I do not have it) or 2 layers of kitchen crepe (works great! ) and pour off the broth.

Gently season the broth with salt .

Homemade Broth Broth | GourmetGuerilla.comHomemade Broth Broth |

I prepared the broth in parallel in a normal pot (cooking time 4 hours) and in the pressure cooker (cooking time 45 minutes). Both results were very tasty - the 4-hour broth was a bit sweeter, but funny way also a lot greasier. The broth from the pressure cooker had a very full and balanced flavor - the next time I would use "Broth-en" only the pressure cooker.

Put the boiling bottom in clean, very hot rinsed off twist-off glasses fill, close the lid, turn the glasses upside down and let cool.