{On the hand} Homemade liver cheese with coleslaw. Super good and much easier than you think.

D This week is one in which I have come to feel really adult for the second time. Awesome thing with late 20's the end of 30. Hold on:

Number 1: cook with bones. Really adult.

Number 2: Making a typical 1.99-ready-to-buy thing like Leberkäse itself . Very grown up.

Dear vegetarians and vegans - You have to be strong again and just come back next week. But when you eat meat every now and then, it's great to approach the products from the bottom up, so to speak. And unwrapped packs from the supermarket home drags. Because that's how you know exactly what's inside. And it has to do with real taste, real colors and real textures. This is very satisfying, delicious and makes you feel really good about yourself. Did I casually mention that for a change I feel incredibly grown-up with it? Ha!

It was actually love at first sight with this homemade meatloaf. In the here presented great cookbook On the hand of Stevan Paul * this recipe is popped up, so to speak directly opposite. In my childhood there were often liver cheeses in our home. Fried in the pan, with a fried egg on it and floating in cucumber salad. That's why I love him so much. But if you make it yourself, then it is not so strange pink and does not have this totally smooth meat sausage. The homemade liver cheese is more reminiscent of a fine bratwurst with a crispy crust and delights with its wild, hearty-strong taste.

In the bread roll with Coleslaw and mustard a true force. Thanks, Stevan - that was great!

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Homemade Liver Cheese with Coleslaw | GourmetGuerilla .com  Homemade Liver Cheese with Coleslaw | GourmetGuerilla.com {On the hand} Homemade liver cheese with coleslaw. Super good and much easier than you think.

And here comes the recipe for a great home made Leberkäse with crispy Coleslaw

(not long but for at least 8 servings)

Leberkäse 200g of beef (shoulder or neck), 400g of pork (shoulder or neck), 300g of fat bacon and Roughly chop 1 peeled onion . Process meat and onions in the food processor into minced meat.

Mix with 1 tablespoon marjoram , 1 strong pinch of ground nutmeg , 1/2 Add TL ginger powder , 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel , 1 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon white pepper and place in the freezer for 15 minutes

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C .

Then mix the hack with 300 g Crushed Ice and mix in portions mix (really) powerful mixer to a fine mass. Let's face it - a blender or 300 watt mixer will not make you happy at this point.

Now, Mr. Paul recommends making a sample loaf and cooking in hot water, seasoning and seasoning Taste to check. I did not do that and immediately jumped to the next step:

Spread out a box tin with butter , pour in the meat loaf, smooth it out and then cut a diamond pattern with a sharp knife. Bake the Leberkäse 60 minutes . (In the meantime, prepare the coleslaw.).

Remove the meat loaf from the dish after a rest period of 10 minutes (CAUTION!Yeeahh!

1 small pointed cabbage cut in half, cut out the stalk and the rest into very fine fine strips to cut. Season with 1 teaspoon salt and knead gently with your hands for a few minutes.

2 carrots Peel and grate roughly.

For dressing 150 g mayonnaise with 100 g sour cream , 1 tbsp spicy mustard and 2 teaspoons finely grated horseradish from the glass.

Squeeze the cabbage to remove the liquid and add the carrot rasps to the sauce. I also added 1/2 bunch of chopped, smooth parsley to the bowl. Mix well with 1 pinch of salt and sugar , sweet paprika and 2 splashes of lemon juice .

More home-style is not possible.

Homemade Leberkäse with Coleslaw | GourmetGuerilla.deHomemade Leberkäse with Coleslaw | GourmetGuerilla.de