{Pressure Cooker} Spicy Marinara Meatballs. Sensationally aromatic and ready in just 15 minutes.

"E in pressure cooker ?? !!" The best mother in law of all looks as if I had just told her that the man and I are actually double-zero agents and now in the basement together Want to defuse nuclear bomb. At least.

"They're totally dangerous - they always explode! So my mom flew such a thing around the ears. After that she never touched it again! "" Hm. "I'm skeptical. "When was that?" Mother-in-law considers. "That must have been the beginning of the 70s." I briefly rollover. "So about 45 years ago?" We both stare at the shiny pot on my stove. "I suspect, since then, one or the other has done in the pressure cooker technology," I am amused. But then I want to know it again: "And her pot was just exploded on the stove?" Mother in law snorts. "Mom opened it and the whole pea soup is sprayed in her face. That was a theater! "

" But that was not the fault of the pot ". I made myself smart. "That was an application error. If you open a pressurized pot in one go, you do not have to be surprised if the whole sauce flies around your ears. You do not fish with a fork in the toaster or grab it in the blender, just because it works, no. "Somehow it is my intention to defend the honor of my new achievement. Because he really does a really good job: Delicious-buttery boiled potatoes in 9 minutes, soft beans and chickpeas in 20 or 30 minutes (without soaking) and goulash after half an hour so tender that the meat almost crumbles. Runs fine for me, I think. Especially after a long day at work.

Mother-in-law, however, is worried about the rest. I therefore show her the various safety valves on my pressure cooker and also mention that - should all the valves in a very unlikely super-Gau spontaneously clog at once - the sealing ring in the lid pockets and the pressure can escape harmless. In addition, you can open a special lock my pot only when the pressure inside has dropped to a normal level. So zero explosion danger. Either way. "And then there's this nutrient thing. In spite of the high temperature in the pressure cooker, they are really better preserved than in normal pots. Because no oxygen escapes when cooking. "But I'm getting into a lecture. Yeah.

I'll click the lid off the pot. "Then I'll cook something delicious, ok? It's ready in 15 minutes! "" I'm in the living room and playing with the child for so long, "says the best mother in law of all and moves away less worried. Hach, I like her so much. And then I go to my marinara meatballs - delicious meatballs in an aromatic sauce. Cooked in a pot and cooked in 10 minutes.

Marinara Meatballs out of the pressure cooker | GourmetGuerilla.com

And here's the recipe from the 4-person pressure cooker: Savory Marinara Meatballs

600g ground beef with 1 tsp of ground allspice, 1/2 bunch of chopped parsley (keep the stems) and 1-2 tsp salt and 1 strong pinch of black pepper knead. Shape the balls and place them in the perforated insert of the pressure cooker.

Marinara Meatballs out of the pressure cooker | GourmetGuerilla.com 2 medium onions and 2 large garlic cloves peel and chop. Melt 1 tablespoon of butter in the pressure cooker and fry the onions and garlic in a glassless manner. Who likes and has throws 1 bay leaf afterwards . Stir well.

GourmetGuerilla_Marinara_Meatballs-8718{Pressure Cooker} Spicy Marinara Meatballs. Sensationally aromatic and ready in just 15 minutes.

Place the insert with the meatballs in the saucepan over the sauce and close the lid.

Heat the pressure cooker at the highest setting (for my model with cooking level 2) until the air has escaped and the lid closes automatically. Switch back the heat and cook the balls and sauce for 10 minutes . Steam the pot (gently over the cooking crown) and open the lid. Remove the stake with the balls from the pot, possibly season the sauce with salt.

Place the meatballs in the sauce and serve. Sprinkle with freshly grated Parmesan and Parsley .

Marinara Meatballs from the GourmetGuerilla.de

Alternatively without pressure cooker the balls in a steamer in one normal pot for approx. 15 - 20 minutes. Cook the sauce in a separate saucepan and simmer for about 20-25 minutes.

The Marinara balls are warm and tasty cold delicious.

Low Carb fans serve boiled green beans or runner beans flavored with a generous dash of lemon juice and finely chopped onions.

Marinara Meatballs are also available on noodles and onions Rice, with bread or in small bowls as tapas super delicious.

Leftovers can be served next day with melting cheese on a baguette as meatball sandwich or take to work. Great!

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