{vegan & low-fat} edamame dip. A delicious honey from the ice that you just have to love.

R uuummms !!! The ice flop loosens out of nowhere and crashes down with a remarkably rich tone. What a wonderful sound! There are few things that are more satisfying than defrosting a refrigerator. Is that just me? I rub my icy, red hands and then squeeze the huge piece of ice from our freezer into the sink. There, I decorate it decoratively on the other ice floes, which slowly there in front of him. The Titanic could actually pass by now. That would be worthwhile. Before the white splendor begins to dissolve, I quickly take a proof photo for the man. And for me. As a reminder of my great home-based performance.

The Food Cooling Commissioner in our kitchen is called Candy and the old lady does her job with great dignity. Candy has only a little quirk: She produces ice cream. And not too close. In the freezer. Over the months, perfidiously slowly growing - too slow for the human eye to notice - an icy, white layer grows. Until one day we wonder why - the hell - the pack of fish fingers can no longer be squeezed into the freezer.

And then it's time again: face to face with a perceived cubic meter of ice , Plug out - fridge off. Amazingly, our Mini Arctic does not thaw in large streams of water from the outside. The ice layer thaws first inside the surface of the cooling plates. It's a bit like a Dolomiti would not thaw at the spikes, but inside the style. If, by chance, a scientifically gifted person is present, he would be happy to bring this phenomenon closer to me. But of course that's great, of course, because that's how I can rebuild the North Pole in our sink.

A great side effect of the glacier melt in the kitchen are the treasures that suddenly and surprisingly emerge from the ice. With archeological delight, I sit in front of the white splendor and try to guess from the shimmering through the ice packaging, which will probably soon be revealed.

And this time a real honey has emerged from the ice: Edamame seeds! I bought them in the asia shop months ago, because I wanted to make a dip out of it. And forgotten in the eternal ice. Great! Edamame dip - now!

Vegan edamame dip with banana chips | GourmetGuerilla.com

Edamame (Japanese: beans on the branch) are still immature harvested soybean kernels. The little things have not only a nice jade green color, they are also incredibly healthy again: With their high protein and fiber content, low fat and carbohydrates, they are great as a snack, in salads and as a dip. Oh yes, that's right - the dip: Try it with nibbling, as a spread or quick noodle sauce, such as hummus as a side dish to vegetable dishes or to grilled meats.

 Vegan edamame dip with banana chips | GourmetGuerilla.com Vegan edamame dip with banana chips | GourmetGuerilla.com vegan edamame dip with banana chips | GourmetGuerilla.com

And here's the recipe for a bowl of edamame dip (from the shop) for 5 minutes in salted water . Then let it rest in the water for another 5 minutes.

Drain the edamame into a sieve and quench with cold water.If the dip is too firm, just add a little cold water.

Serve with nachos, warm flatbread or WM-compliant banana chips (or all together).

Tip: The Edamame dip lasts about 2 days in the fridge and can be prepared well. Season with salt, pepper, Tabasco and lime juice before serving.

Vegan edamame dip with banana chips | GourmetGuerilla .de  Vegan edamame dip with banana chips | GourmetGuerilla.com

Vegan edamame dip with banana chips | GourmetGuerilla.com

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