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About Crazy Wings Restaurant

At Crazy Wings, it’s our mission to show you just how delicious chicken wings can be. Forget buffalo wings – at our restaurant on Russell Street in the CBD, we’re serving up skewered chicken wings with influences from all over the world.

Our sauces play a huge role, with flavours like honey, spicy hot, honey spicy and sweet chilly taking their place among our guests’ favourites. Our menu also caters to the vegetarian crowd, so don’t hesitate to bring along your favourite herbivore to our restaurant. We have two locations in Melbourne – you’ll find this one in the heart of the CBD and the other in Glen Waverley. Come by and see us, we look forward to serving you!


Our Dishes

Slassic Rolls

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Fresh Rolls

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Special Rolls

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Teriyaki Plate

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Sashimi Combo

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Free WiFi

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Love their chicken wings here. Great find and cheap eats Stick with their wings, any flavor is good. I also ordered their grilled enoki mushroom and grilled squid, I don't recommend them. Bland and tasteless. Squid was on the rubbery side. Service was okay. Then again, I think this place is tailored to students so don't expect great service.
-Clarissa Y.

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